Monday, January 22, 2007

CSFF Blog Tour: Wayne Thomas Batson

There are so many GREAT posts out there filled with interviews galore and book reviews! Yikes. What new thing can I say? I've spent quite some time exploring the internet for something new and interesting.

The story is a very accurate analogy of the Christian faith and the price of belief. Yes, it comes with a price. Every young person should read this book. It explains better than anything the betrayal of Christ and the cost and rewards of following Him.
This is the last line of a review I came across at here and it caught my attention, of course.

Perhaps you might be interested in reading the history of Thomas Nelson, Inc.

Or you can read another interview with WTB at Novel Journey here.

Or LISTEN to an interview with Mr. Batson at Gabcast. I just discovered that this is Marcus Goodyear's site. Ha! Good one!

Allrighty, then.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

CSFF Blog Tour: Wayne Thomas Batson

I began reading The Door Within to my sons several nights ago. Understand, they've just come off reading Eragon and seeing the movie, greatly disappointed, of course, with the movie. At ages seven and eight, they've still not learned that books are far better than movies will ever be! You have to understand, too, that my boys live in a fantasy world of role playing through their PS 2. So I'm more than thrilled that they've listened through at least one long novel. And now. . .they're interested in yet another. We may save this generation yet.

To my eight year old, everything is a dragon.
Aiden looked left, right, up, down. At first he didn't see anything. But then, up the road that ran in front of his house, there was a shadow. It was wide, spanning the road at times, and it was moving fast. That's what caught Aidan's eye. And even through the glass, Aidan heard a pecular swooshing sound. Aiden looked up to the sky. . .
After I read the above portion to my son, he said, "I know, it must be a dragon!" Now, mind you, I haven't finished the story, so I have no clue if there was a dragon in that scene. But every night when I've finished a chapter, my sons want to read more. They want to know what happens next. In this world of 24/7 cartoons, Gameboys, Play Stations, internet--you know what I'm saying--in this world of multi-tasking distractions, only the good books can hold attention. published a review of Batson's book in 2005. Here's an excerpt of Mr. Bedford's review and I wholeheartedly agree.

Publishers did an excellent job with the beautiful packaging, as well as the blue-off color pages and print. This really gave the book a special feel, that it was something out of the ordinary. With those two substantial markets to reach, Batson should see a wide audience with this easily-accessible fantasy saga.

You can read the review in its entirety here.

You must visit the official website. It's a flash site. I LOVE flash and it's appropriate for fantasy readers. . .all of those visual effects. For a promotional video go here.

To purchase any of the books, click on the following links: The Door Within, Rise of the Wyrm Lord, The Final Storm

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Sunday, January 14, 2007

The new year brings new things

I'm excited to announce that I'll be joining Keep Me IN Suspense, a website dedicated to all things suspense. The other hosts include Susan Page Davis, Wanda Dyson, Jeff Gerke, Lisa Harris, Lynette Sowell and Candice Speare. I'm excited about this endeavor because my first book coming out is romance yes, but it's suspense, too. I'm working on another suspense proposal and this year I plan to write a thriller. I'm already researching on various aspects and I'm very excited and inspired to write in a way that I haven't been in a long time.

For years I've had a website and a few months ago my husband created a flash site for me. It was beautiful, gorgeous, I loved to stare at it! But because it loaded very slowly and because making changes was laborious, I've taken the website into my own hands. It's no longer flash, but this way I can make changes when I need to. Sometimes we have to give up beauty for efficiency. Right? So if you of a mind, please take a look at it and comment on my guestbook at my web site.


Climbing Mt. Everest. . .

Mt. Everest of Laundry that is. I've been trying since we arrived home from our two week visit to Texas for the holidays, to get all of the laundry done. I finally realized that it's not going to happen. In the meantime, I'm losing all of my blogger reading friends, so I'm going to go ahead and start posting again and the laundry can just . . .sit. . . and wait. . . for. . .

I really wanted to post about our trip and Christmas at my families. The pictures of the kids in their pirate gear were hilarious. But it's far too late now, we're into the new year. But first, let me tell you more about my laundry.

In every load of laundry I've found one of these pieces:

And one of these:

In case you don't recognize either, the first is a picture of Lego's Bionicle pieces and the second are guitar picks.

Huh. Too bad I couldn't find money instead.

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