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Day 2: CSFF Blog Tour for The Enclave by Karen Hancock

Welcome back! 

Today I continue with my thoughts on The Enclave regarding Dr. Reinhardt, science geek turned alpha hero. I've included a few short excerpts--scenes to show brief snippets of the transformation.

In the opening paragraphs: 

Cameron Reinhardt is an idiot!

Yes, he had a PhD from Standford. Yes, he was widely acknowledged as a brilliant geneticist. Yes, Director Swain called him the field’s brightest rising star, the institute’s greatest asset, and a fabulous hiring coup. But this wasn’t the first time Lacey McHenry wondered how the man managed to get up in the morning and make it to his office fully clothed. . . .Apparently Dr. Reinhardt had come in sometime that afternoon and forgotten to close not only the lid but the door, as well. She pictured him collecting his subjects and hurrying off to his wet lab at the halls’ end, heedless as a teenaged boy. . .Surely he was living proof that a man could be a genius and a moron at the same time. 

Another scene where we see him as a geek:

He scooped up his folders, grabbing Swain’s fork through the napkin, stepped back quickly, and turned to walk away. To his horror the table cloth came with him—glasses tumbled in fountains of water and leftover orange juice; plates and flatware slid away: coffee sloshed across the white linen and onto several of his tablemates. . . .Embarrassment blazed in his face as he headed for the door and snickering arose in his wake. 

And then the ending scene where it’s Cam against the monsters and I picture him loaded like Rambo: 

Resting the barrel of his rifle on top of the wall, he took aim at his target, lining up the crosshair’s on the third eye growing in the younger creature’s forehead. . . .drawing a deep breath, he chambered another round, adjusted his aim, then squeezed the trigger again. This time the creature fell straight over backwards.


Cam rolls, runs, hides, and faces the two remaining creatures with his brawn and a handgun.

I love it! 

We read that he’s kept up with his target practice and though it’s been many years, his military training comes back to him in the nick of time. Swain hired Reinhardt because he counted on his flash backs to eventually expose how to unleash the ancient creatures from the pods encasing them. I think the flash backs play a big roll, too, in releasing the hero inside Reinhardt from the science geek pod in which he’s chosen to hide safely away from the horrors he’d witnessed all those years ago. An intentional parallel here?

Something else to note, as my friend Shannon brought up in her comment to my first post, we see a similar transformation in the hero of the Guardian King series. In the beginning, he appears to be a weak character in a religious order but over time he transforms into an alpha hero and revered king of the land. 

I love all the hidden intricacies of this novel and wish we had a study guide to go with it. Tomorrow, I hope to post more. Visit if you can. Don't forget to visit other participants. you can scroll down to yesterday's post to see their links.


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CSFF Blog Tour for The Enclave by Karen Hancock

Welcome to the CSFF Blog tour for The Enclave by Karen Hancock.

I was in the middle of reading another book when I received The Enclave in the mail. A tingle spread over my arms when I opened the Bethany House package. Literally. I was THAT thrilled to read yet another book by Karen Hancock. I have a mental list of my five or so all-time favorites and Arena is in that list. I thought about that story for weeks afterward. Arena impacted my thinking in a big way. At least for a time and then like always, I fell back into my everyday jostle. Blah, blah, blah.

While I can’t say the Enclave had the same impact on me personally, it was still an adventurous ride—love the science. Love the weird stuff. Karen is one of the few Christian authors in the CBA given leeway to write the stuff I love–though more are allowed on the scene every day (think Robin Parrish). Hence, I love Karen and will be a fan of everything she writes.

A nebulous review of The Enclave:

Lacy McHenry gets a new start on life when she accepts a research fellowship at Kendell-Jakes Longevity Institute. And who can blame her? She made a mistake and married the wrong guy who pretty much destroys her dreams until this golden opportunity. Her job at the institute turns out to be working as the “frog girl” wherein she cares for frogs and other yucky creatures (I think) for the real scientists of the institute. But she hopes this is only the grunt work that every new comer must endure, thus proving themselves to the powers that be because whatever complicated science degree they possess isn't enough.

Lacy does her grunt work alone in the middle off the night – or at least when she’s the only soul around, which of course, begs for trouble. Personally, I wouldn’t be caught dead doing that. But I admit, my own characters do things I wouldn’t be caught dead doing—hence I have no adventurous conflict in my life—at least nothing like what Lacy faces—a freak of nature human who looks strangely familiar even with frog legs hanging from his mouth. Big trouble happens and Lacy is hurt. But the entire incident is covered-up and Lacy is purported to have suffered a breakdown of the nervous sort. She almost begins to believe it herself. . .until. . . she does her lab work alone AGAIN and faces the scary freak again. I’m thinking Lacy is still making a lot of mistakes in her life. But don’t we all? So I identify easily enough with begging-for-trouble Lacy.

Let’s back up. After her first run in with Frogman, the romantic interest appears on the scene. Dr. Cameron Reinhardt proficiently takes care of an injury on Lacy’s arm then, because of the blood, has a flash back. Dr. Reinhardt suffers from PTSD, though no one should know because his military mission was supposedly erased from the files. Throughout the story, his flashbacks increase and give us more insight into what happened to him in the past—a past that has an important link with the present. The blood, too.

I'll talk more about Dr. Reinhardt, science geek turned alpha hero, tomorrow.

I was about to hit the PUBLISH POST button but remembered there are two stories that run parallel. How could I so easily have forgotten the poor New Edenites?! Forgive me. It's been at least three weeks since I've read The Enclave, three weeks and three books.

We have Lacy and Reinhardt working at the institute, then the actual people of THE ENCLAVE who live in a dark underground world, a sort of Noah's ark of the future (so they're led to believe), because mankind has destroyed the planet making it uninhabitable. They are to reseed the planet at some future date. The people of THE ENCLAVE exist under a very strict religious order, one in which they aren't allowed to question. In fact, New Edenite Zowan, must watch a close friend die because he questioned the truth. Andros is sent to the Justorium where he's placed in the Cube of Discipline and punished. At first, I thought the group living underground was from the future, and I wasn't sure how it all connected. Miss Hancock does a wonderful job of feeding us enough information to make all the connections at just the right time--slowly, so that we might begin to figure things out, but not quite. Not until the end.

More tomorrow.

In the meantime, you can visit Karen's website here: www.kmhancock.com/index.htm

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2009 Christy Award Winners

Undoubtedly you've seen this list already somewhere, but at the time of this posting, I couldn't find it on the Christy Award website. So, I'm going off memory as I list the winners. Hopefully, I have them listed correctly.  Congrats to all of the winners, and especially to those whom I know personally. 

BEYOND THE NIGHT by Maelo Schalesky (Waterbrook Multnomah)

YOU HAD ME AT GOOD-BYE by Tracey Bateman (FaithWords)

DOGWOOD by Chris Fabry (Tyndale House)

BLUE HOLE BACK HOME by Joy Jordan-Lake (David C. Cook)

UNTIL WE REACH HOME by Lynn Austin (Bethany House)

FROM A DISTANCE by Tamera Alexander (Bethany House)

THE ROOK by Steven James (Revell)

VANISH by Tom Pawlik (Tyndale House)


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Summer Newsletter

Dear friends, 

I hope this email newsletter finds you well and enjoying this summer with  family and friends. Fortunately, the Oregon summer has been pleasant with cool nights, unlike what my family members are suffering through in the Texas heat. I'm so glad to be able to write to you and share all the latest news, especially considering I haven't sent a newsletter in several months. 

I'm excited, too, to tell you that I have a new, gorgeous website

created by the imaginative design team at Pulsepoint Design. I hope

you have an opportunity to pop over and take a look.(Or if  you're reading this on my blog, you're looking at it!)

Also, this summer, my daughter will be traveling to Scotland with Teen Mania/Global Expeditions on a missionary trip. Please keep her and all that God wants to do there in your prayers. 

New Release

Cranberry Hearts is now in bookstores everywhere, including Wal-Mart and Target. You can also go to my website and click on the links to purchase Cranberry Hearts at Amazon.com and pre-order Christmas


What will happen when three Massachusetts women’s journeys home lead them down dangerous paths?

Heart and health are on the line when Gerome Mays suspects Leiann

Hambrick of stealing from her grandfather, when Ty Lawrence’s past

shadows his future with Kayla Marceilo, and when Zane Baldwyn

discovers that Riley O’Hare’s brother’s death was no accident.

Will faith and love pull the women through the dangers?

Coming Soon

Christmas Homecoming will release in September of this year. It's a

4-in-1 collection featuring stories from Elizabeth Ludwig, Paige

Winship Dooley and Debby Mayne and moi. 

I dedicated my novella, O Christmas Tree, to my missionary daughter and I shared many of her experiences in South Africa in the story. 

Soar to new heights in this inspirational Christmas romance collection where four females encounter love amid the Colorado Rockies.

A widowed grandmother, Carol Scheirer, is filled with angst, unsure that her family will accept the new man in her life. Wedding planner Noelle Evans wonders if the guy who once jilted her deserves a second chance.

Old letters put writer Christmas Scheirer at odds with the guardian of her grandfather’s estate. Missionary Holly Rivers finds she still has feelings for the man she left behind. Will mistletoe missives result in more than one Boulder bride?

You can view the book trailer here:Christmas Homecoming Book Trailer:


Remember to pray for Rachel. She leaves for Scotland this coming week with Global Expeditions. 

Upcoming Titles

I recently signed a contract for the first book in a series. Disarming Andi--set on a de-comissioned missile site in North Dakota--releases in March 2010 with Heartsong Presents. Also, look for my cozy mystery,Portrait of a Murder, in the future.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to join me. I hope to share more

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Many blessings to you and your family. 


--Beth Goddard

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