Monday, June 25, 2012

In the Line of Duty

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On May 14th, 2012, the FBI released “preliminary statistics for law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty for 2011.”*  According to the stats,  “72 of our nation’s law enforcement officers were feloniously killed."  The numbers are broken down by region, type of weapon, ambush or conducting an investigation, etc.

Law enforcement officers are heroes--willing to risk their lives for the greater good. For people they love and people they don’t. For their country. 

Despite rigorous planning and significant safety precautions, sometimes the unthinkable happens. As an author, I want to write stories that honor heroes and bring to light what these men and women face every day. And when the unthinkable occurs, what happens to the people they leave behind?

In A Love Remembered, Special Agent Jonas Love was in charge when a member of his team was killed. All he ever wanted was to do something right with his life. Be a hero. 

Not only are lives on the line, but hearts are on the line as well.   

Oregon Outback

Four rough and tumble brothers find themselves in the midst of big trouble in life and love. FBI agent Jonas Love struggles to keep a promise to protect his old flame, Darcy Nichols. Rancher Carver Love finds it hard to focus on rustlers with female sheriff Sheridan Hall so near. The fearless Lucas Love suddenly finds courage waning when it comes to beautiful bookkeeper Avery Summers. Justin Love tracks down a fugitive a little too close to home—and lodge-keeper Darrow Kincaid. Will these brothers find a way to keep their loves safe?

Available in bookstores on July 1.

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Kellie Coates Gilbert said...

Heading over to order a copy. Can't pass up a great novel set in Oregon.

Beth Goddard said...

Ah, Kellie! You're a sweetie.:)